Novel approach for isolation of lytic bacteriophages against Staphylococcus aureus


Strictly lytic or virulent bacteriophages against Staphylococcus aureus belong to order Caudovirales and comprise predominantly two genera: Kayvirus and Rosenblumvirus. Representatives of both taxonomic groups are well known as safe and viable antibacterial agents. Phages of the genus Kayvirus show usually a broad host range activity against clinical isolates of S. aureus. Nevertheless continuous isolation of new phages against these bacteria is required in order to provide sufficient activity for therapy of biofilms or to prevent phage inactivation by neutralizing antibodies. In the present study, we describe an approach for isolation of lytic bacteriophages of the genus Kayvirus by mitomycin C induction of clinical isolates of S. aureus. Our findings suggest the clinical isolates of S. aureus a reach source for lytic bacteriophages. However taking into account the inducibility of the Kayvirus representatives it have to be evaluated a presence of further unknown life cycles for these bacteriophages such as pseudolysogeny.

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