About modern forensic terminology in the study of situations, associated with “medical errors”

УДК: 616-035.7:001.4
A.A. Markov, P.G. Dzhuvalyakov, V.V. Kolkutin

Protection of human health in our country, as an integral function of the state, is enshrined in the Russian Constitution. The most difficult identifiable kind of «medical care defect» is such medical-legal concept as «medical error». Today it’s not enough to study this issue from the point of view of constitutional law in the interest of forensic medical examination. Modern medicine has accumulated a lot of different classifications of «medical errors», which differ from each other in kinds and a wide variety of reasons for subdividing this concept. There is no proper quality and detailed legal regulation of redress procedures and responsibility of medical workers for the damage they caused to the life and (or) health of citizens

Ключевые слова: forensic medical terminology, medical error, the quality of medical care, medical care defect, medical malpractice, logic, fatal outcome, iatrogenic

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