Social and clinical features of schizophrenia, occuring in patients with mental retardation

УДК: 616.895.8+616.89-008.454
A.V. Khryashchev, A.V. Petrakova, E.E. Tochina, E.A. Denisova, A.A. Gur'eva

Performed a comparative analysis of the socio-biological, clinical and dynamic peculiarities of patients with schizophrenia, along with a background of previously installed mild mental retardation are as follows. In the first group (n=25) was diagnosed with schizophrenia in the age range from 9 to 18 years old, in the second group (n=25) - 18 to 30 years old. The statistical significance of the results was determined using Fisher's exact probability test.The study found that in both groups of family history of alcoholism, schizophrenia is a leader, in all the patients showed signs of organic brain damage. The syndromic manifestations and forms of schizophrenia in group 1 were diverse, in group 2 prevailed paranoid schizophrenia with episodic type of flow with increasing defect, predominantly affective and paranoid episodes. Identified features can be used in the development of therapeutic and preventive and rehabilitative measures

Ключевые слова: mental retardation, family history, schizophrenia, oligophrenic like defect, rehabilitation

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