Physiotherapy methods of correction of autonomic disorders in duodenal ulcer

УДК: 616.342-002.44: 615.83
A.A. Panov, V.V. Antonyan, S.V. Antonyan

We carried out the analysis of complex treatment of patients with peptic duodenal ulcer with the correction of autonomic disorders with the help of physiotherapy methods of treatment. We found a moderate direct correlation between the overall life quality of patients with duodenal ulcer before treatment and the overall life quality in 2 and 4 weeks after the start of treatment. Against the background of the ongoing correction of vegetative dysfunctions there was an improvement in the indices of the cardiorhythmogram, the normal type of vegetative reactivity prevailing (60,6 %). 66,6 % of patients had normal vegetative maintenance of activity. According to electrogastrography, gastric motor activity became normal in 76 % of patients. The use of complex treatment of duodenal ulcer allowed improving the therapeutic effect, reducing recurrence duration and refining the quality of life in 84 % of patients

Ключевые слова: duodenal ulcer, vegetative disorders, quality of life, physiotherapy

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