The spectrophotometric determination of captopril through the formation of complex compound of 1,10-fenantrolin and copper (I)

УДК: 615.074
O.V. Khabarova, K.A. Serova, M.V. Mazhitova

Captopril (trade name: captopril, manufacturer: «Pranafarm» Ltd., Samara, Russia) as an available, effective and often applied antihypertensive drug was chosen as the object of the research. Captopril was defined by the indirect way: the thiol group that is included into captopril restored copper (II) into its monovalent state, and then 1,10-fenantrolin formed the colored copper (I) compound (λ = 4 × 10-7m). The research of the received system was performed by the spectrophotometric method. To increase the sensitivity of the methods when determining captopril authenticity the effect of stabilizers on the system (ascorbic, citric acids) was studied. In this work the comparative characteristic of various methods of determination of captopril in a solution is shown: iodometry, spectrophotometry, thin layer chromatography. Based on the obtained data, a calibration curve was derived for the system under study, allowing quantification of captopril

Ключевые слова: captopril, fenantrolin, copper, complex compound, spectrophotometry, thin-layer chromatography (TLC), iodometry, quantification

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