Astragalus vulpinus Willd. is a source of biologically active agents

УДК: 615.1:582.738
M.U. Sergaliyeva, N.A. Barskova

The article presents data on the quantitative content of biologically active agents of Astragalus vulpinus Willd. growing in the Astrakhan region. Flavonoids, tannins, saponines, ascorbic acid, amino acids, polysaccharides have been found in the extract of an elevated part of Astragalus vulpinus Willd. that allows considering this representative of the Astragalus genus with the purpose of possible development of new herbal formulations based on the studied plant product

Ключевые слова: extract of Astragalus vulpinus Willd., biologically active agents, flavonoids, saponines, ascorbic acid, tannins, polysaccharides, amino acids

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