Integral leukocyte indices and cytokine level among urban adolescents with different content of specific autoantibodies

УДК: 612.017.1-053.6
L.B. Masnavieva

The study covered adolescents aged 14-17, who live in the industrial cities of Eastern Siberia with high and medium levels of air pollution. We studied the relative levels of specific autoantibodies that characterize the state of the main organs and systems, the content of interleukins 2 and 10, alpha- and gamma-interferons in the blood and evaluated the integral coefficients, which were calculated according to the hemogram parameters. The relative content of specific autoantibodies that characterize the state of the immune and nervous systems, lungs and kidneys, is within the reference range in less than 10 % of the surveyed adolescents. Pupils with hypo- or hyperimmunoreactivity of specific autoantibodies showed changes in the number of band neutrophils, monocytes, and the index of the ratio of lymphocytes and monocytes. In the surveyed adolescent groups we found changes in hematological indices, characterizing the ratio of cells of non-specific and specific immune defenсe, components of the microphage-macrophage system and the relationship between humoral and cellular component of immune system. Cytokine levels are slightly associated with the relative content of specific autoantibodies characterizing the status of the immune and nervous systems

Ключевые слова: immunoreactivity, specific autoantibodies, cytokines, adolescents, integral hemogram coefficients

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