Effect of l-arginine and its combination with l-carnitine on metabolic and functional characteristics of endothelial dysfunction under nickel chloride intoxication

УДК: 574.24
S.G. Dzugkoev, I.V. Mozhayeva, O.I. Margieva, M.A. Otiev, A.I. Tedtoeva, F.S. Dzugkoeva

The aim was to study the effect of L-arginine and its combination with L-carnitine on the biochemical and hemodynamic indices of endothelial dysfunction against the background of nickel chloride intoxication in rats in a chronic experiment. The parameters of lipid peroxidation, antioxidant system, nitric oxide content, cholesterol metabolism and hemodynamics in a microcirculatory bed were studied. The data showed that against the background of L-carnitine treatment and its combination with L-arginine, free radical oxidation is suppressed, the activity of antioxidant defense enzymes - superoxide dismutase, and the concentration of total metabolites of nitric oxide increases. Inhibition of lipoperoxidation and reduction in total cholesterol, cholesterol of low-density lipoprotein, and increase in cholesterol of high-density lipoprotein promote the availability of NO for smooth muscle cells of the vascular wall and vasodilatation. In addition to biochemical changes, L-carnitine and its combination with L-arginine caused an increase in the rate of microcirculatory hemodynamics and tissue perfusion

Ключевые слова: L-carnitine, L-arginine, endothelial dysfunction, nickel chloride, lipid peroxidation, oxidation of free radical, nitric oxide

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