Study of drug safety of 1,3-diazinon-4 new derivatives and their acyclic precursors

УДК: 612.015.348:616-002.73-08
A.V. Voronkov, S.A. Luzhnova, M.A. Samotrueva, S. A. Osychenko, Sоuda Billel, N.M. Gabitova

We have carried out an experiment on Wistar rats aimed at pre-clinical evaluation of drug safety and studied the effect of new derivatives of 1,3-diazinon-4 and their acyclic precursors under the laboratory codes of pYATS3, pYATS4, pYATD1, pYATD8, pYATD12 on biochemical parameters of blood. Results showed that the administration of the compounds to animals at a dose of 50 mg / kg for 30 days does not cause systemic pathological changes in biochemical indices in rat blood, suggesting no severe toxic load on the organism of the animals

Ключевые слова: pYATS3, pYATS4, pYATD1, pYATD8, pYATD12 compounds, biochemical parameters, drug safety

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