Pelotherapy of skin diseases

УДК: 616.5-001-009.16-053.2:616.37:575.113
L.R. Pakhnova, M.A. Samotrueva, O.A. Bashkina, А.A. Tsibizova, I.A. Bryntseva, E.S. Avdeeva, M.V. Bogdanyants

Along with medicinal methods of health correction and improvement special significance in the infrastructure of rehabilitation medicine is given to natural health products characterized by the ability to activate the processes of bioregulation. They include the means of pelotherapy - a set of methods and technologies that use natural medicinal resources (therapeutic mud, brine) with a therapeutic and prophylactic goal. Due to its high plasticity, heat capacity, thermal conductivity and heat-retaining capacity, mud therapy is an effective method of health improvement for patients with chronic dermatoses

Ключевые слова: pelotherapy, chronic dermatoses, atopic dermatitis, sulfide- silt mud

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