Possibilites of adaptation of the cardiovascular system to exercise in people with limited hearing capabilities

УДК: 616.1-073:616.28-008.1
M.A. Chichkova, A.A. Svetlichkina

According to the World Health Organization, the number of people suffering from hearing disorders reaches 40 million people worldwide. Cardiovascular diseases aggravate the course of the underlying disease and violate the processes of adaptation of disabled persons in the environment. In scientific literature there is information on research works related to social problems of adaptation of people with limited hearing capabilities and few studies considering professional sport of the deaf. Scientific literature review showed that no studies devoted to the peculiarities of cardiac remodeling in patients of both sexes having a cardiovascular pathology with underlying hearing disorders, as well as changes in the parameters of the cardiovascular system on the background of ongoing physical rehabilitation have been conducted before

Ключевые слова: cardiovascular system, people with limited hearing capabilities, physical adaptation

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